Public Cloud

Focus on the big picture

Labgear’s™ Public Cloud services provide access to training or sales demonstration assets anytime anywhere. Cloud scheduling, reset automation, and schedule enforcement provide contention-free access when and where you need it. Your initiatives can have a global presence in a matter of days leveraging our rapid deployment environment in our datacenter. Free yourself to focus on strategic objectives while facility, technical, and management tasks are handled by Labgear’s™ Public Cloud.
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Private Cloud

Leverage Resources

Labgear’s™ Private Cloud solution integrates our cloud scheduling and delivery platform with customer datacenter assets allowing current resources to be managed in the cloud. A Labgear™ extender appliance is placed in the customer datacenter that seamlessly integrates customer assets with Labgear’s™ Cloud platform.
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Simplicity, Efficiency, No Conflicts

The LabGear™ scheduling interface reduces complex scheduling tasks to a few simple steps. The integrated scheduling engine reconciles global timezones and drives all other components of the platform. It controls resource automation and access control ensuring only authorized users gain access to properly pre-configured equipment. Both user self-scheduling and manager initiated scheduling are supported so the balance between self-service and control can be reached while maximizing efficiency.
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- Cloud Based Application Delivery
- Simply manage global timezones
- Share resources locally and globally
- Maximize Resource Utilization
- Track Demand and Use Patterns


Always On, Always Ready

The LabGear™ automation system accomodates unlimited resource profiles that are pre-applied by the scheduling engine or on-demand by individual users. Resource groups are made ready for users 24x7 without intervention of IT Managers. When resources are scheduled, appropriate profiles are chosen allowing resources to be leveraged for multiple use scenarios.

- Full Device Recovery
- Intelligent Power Management
- Flexibility
- Efficiency
- Reliability

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Cost Savings, Agility

TNI-Systems has leveraged virtualization environments for more than a decade. LabGear™ fully supports deployment and automation of the leading virtualization platforms. LabGear™ adopters can expect to take full advantage of the flexibility and cost savings offered by virtualization technologies in a homogeneous or mixed environment.

- VMWare, Hyper-V, Citrix, XEN, VBLOCK
- Cisco, EMC, NetApp, VCE

User Management

Delegate for Productivity

The LabGear™ Cloud platform provides a graduated approach that links users to resources. IT managers maintain full control to create users and assign resources. Resource users manage their resources in a self-service environment so IT managers don't need to. Anonymous users are granted single-event credentials for on-the-fly initiatives. The integrated scheduling engine enforces all activity to guarantee security and availability.
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- Optimize User Utilization and Demand
- Automate User Enrollment
- Self-Service Users
- Granular Control
- Secure Resources


Information Drives Efficiency

Metrics give stakeholders the view required to focus resources where they are most productive. LabGear's™ Cloud design provides this information as it happens in realtime. User utilization patterns are monitored so IT managers can identify trouble spots and shift resources to meet demand. User data is available so sales managers can identify customer opportunities.

- Discover Customer Trends
- Indentify Sales Opportunities
- View User Utilization
- Resolve Scalability Issues Preemptively

LabGear™ WebClient

Control remote resources with ease and flexibility.
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Keep stakeholders informed with real-time reports.
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